Dress It Up Enterprises

Langhorne, PA


Growing ONE business can be difficult enough, let's make it TWO...

Maximize your efforts by employing the correct tools and planning strategically

Timothy Dress, a long time friend of mine, approached me in need of some assistance with his business.  We identified that for the future he envisioned for his company that we would need to employ "working smarter, not harder" techniques as every minute and dollar needed to be spent (read: invested) tactically.  We needed to find a way to not only maintain his existing business, but simultaneously expand it while also making time for his hobbies instead of working 7 days per week.

Building a business requires significant perserverance and a willingness to work more than the typical 40 hour week, not only working IN the business but also working ON the business.  If you cannot separate yourself from the everyday tasks of the business and are hindered by ineffectient business operations, how quickly can you evolve?  Patience and perseverance is not always an unlimited supply, so let's find ways to work most efficiently!  


Comprehensive Real Estate Services

Tim envisioned a multi-facted company that tends to all aspects of real estate: Landscaping, Home Improvements, Cleaning Services.  Ingeniously embracing his last name, Dress Up Your Yard started with just himself and a push mower only within the past few years.  Today he has expanded his landscaping business to regularly service more than 100 customers and wields a small fleet of vehicles and industrial grade equipment which is on track to scale in a large capacity.  Landscaping wasn't enough...

Further embracing his vision of a comprehensive real estate service company, Tim determined that he would need to create Dress It Up Enterprises as a parent company to manage the future:  Dress Up Your Yard (Landscaping) and Dress It Up Home Services (Handyman & Housekeeping).  Becoming a certified Home Improvement Contractor and electrician was a critical step in his process to meet all local and insurance requirements.  

Tasks & Objectives

Organizational efficiency is crucial.  If the current operations are not sustainable and in disarray, we need to fix that first before adding more business to the already unbalanced load.  We started with cleaning up some of the existing processes and data management in order to make the existing operations consume less time and energy.  Continuing this, we refined his communication channels solely for customers which helped improve average response times to the customer.

Brand management was needed before increasing market awareness because there are multiple logos involved and we will be using a variety of marketing techniques, including digital and tangible displays.  What followed was then generating the content for his website, as there was only some existing content to work with.  In some cases there is previous content which can be repurposed to save some time and creative input, otherwise this is when it the energy and time is invested to generate content which correctly portrays the business while being effective for search engine optimization.

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