Motorsports Events, Inc.


Successful event planning & organization requires attention to detail.

With a mixed bag of driver experience & vehicle performance, we focused on safety.

Motorsports Events, in partnership with Griggs Racing, has planned two High Performance Driving Experiences (more commonly known as a Track Days): one at Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows, CA and at another Willow Springs International Raceway with Signature Wheels.  

High Performance Driving Experiences are intended to provide a safe experience for all drivers and vehicles to operate on a dedicated race track, operating both at the limit of the driver and the vehicles they operate.  With mandatory safety equipment and emergency personnel on the ready, the most important precautions are in place.  


Tasks & Objectives

We wanted to provide a fantastic experience for all persons, including registrants and event staff through comprehensive planning.  In order to that, our highest priority was the safety of all participants, recognizing the potential for incidents caused by drivers and/or unexpected equipment failures. Of course part of the equation for a successful outcome was to maximize awareness and event participation to ensure profitability and return participants. 

Not sure what all of this means?  Click the play button on the video below and feel free to skip forward past 30 seconds if you can't watch the introduction.  (FYI, it was a reverse race and the driver you are watching had to be delayed almost 1 minute 30 seconds to create fairness for the other drivers.)



Website Landing Page
The baseline for any endeavor of this era should include a website, but better yet includes a dedicated landing page specific to any special announcements or events.  For this project a very simple website was designed to provided relevant information about the event details and a registration form - perfect for online marketing.

Registration & Marketing
Obtaining registrants was done through a variety of warm and cold contacts.  Existing contacts were sent email messages and followed up with phone calls, asking for their participation - makes sense, right? A number of email campaigns were sent with varying content along with social media promotions. Additionally, in person contacts were made and presented with physical media (both business card and flyers).  Below is an example of some


Driver Education
Hosting an event with a wide variety of driver experience and vehicle performance required a mandatory meeting for everyone - paying participants, event staff and track marshall.  As we had some first time drivers with zero track experience there was a lot of information to cover, but we ensured everyone would have an experienced coach to ride with them.

Event Execution
Having an agenda and schedule to adhere to is great, but of course things can take a different course.  It's best to plan for unplanned exceptions (accidents), and also to consider the participants preference throughout the event may change.  During this event we found that the participants and staff were comfortable with merging driver groups together, which allowed for more track time.

Event Media
To provide the drivers with a media souvenir and to help market future events, we employed a few photographers to document the event.  Previous experience has proven that it is a good idea to have more than one person dedicated to media only or else it can quickly be forgotten about - and regretted immensely!  With all of the time, effort and money that is invested into the event, the most important thing that can be done is to document it!

Dedicated Roles
Making sure that everyone is safe and having a great time is a key component for the success of an event.  With organizers being busy tending to the guests and re-coordinating as necessary, it is a great idea to have personnel dedicated to positions which you deem important (e.g. photography, food & beverage, etc...).  The extra cost for staff is well worth the reduction in stress, for us we also employed extra help for any unexpected vehicle repairs.

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