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Eugene, OR

Reviews can exponentially grow your business, without any extra effort...

Being the highest rated and most reviewed can literally sell your business for you!

It is safe to say that both Jonn and I were overwhelmed with how successful such a simple tactic completely transformed his business: maximizing reviews!  This grew his business exponentially in just under two years, catapulting him from days of closing early because of not enough business coupled with financial concerns to closing early from exhaustion because of an unprecedented "too much business". 

Unexpectedly, Jonn was given an offer to sell his business -- which he accepted and is now happily retired (for the time being).

If you are delivering quality products and services, your customers should be happy to share their overwhelming happiness with your offerings.  If your customers are not smitten or acting as a brand advocate, then consider the some of the most important marketing (organic growth) and free business is being left untapped.


Compounding Results

With the reviews he received it's no wonder that Jonn saw the success he did, and he didn't have to focus on marketing: his customers did the marketing for him!  New business was acquired simply because of customer curiousity -- "it can't possibly be that good" or "how can it have so many 5-star reviews?".  Other clientele had confidence in their decision by simply going with the best and most reviewed location, or through word of mouth referrals.

Exceeding customer expectations will net you an enjoyable business interaction, exceptional reviews, return customers / higher customer lifetime value and ease new client acquisition.

What Does Advocacy Look Like?

Today was a very bitter sweet day.  I visited the shop and found a different barber wielding the scissors and shears... While there John walked in.  During our converstaion I was shocked to lear John has retired, although he made it sound that door might still be slightly ajar...  Although a customer for less than a year I always appreciated your impeccable attention to detail and the excellent job you did for me.

- Dave H. (2017)

John is not your average barber.  He is expertly attentive, astute in his observation of your particular dimensions, and creative in his stylistic solutions to whatever peculiarities of form or feature you may bring to the barber's chair.  John is interested first and foremost in making you a happy customer, not to mention a well-styled and handsomely-groomed customer.  And if all that were not enough, and believe me it is, he charges only $10 for a haircut.  You won't find better quality of a better value.

- Andrew L. (2017)

Just found my new barber shop today!  By far the best I've been to in town since moving out here in 2014.  John is a very experienced, customer oriented barber.  He really wants you to love the haircut you paid for even at a great price of $10.

- James C. (2016)

Found Thee Barber Shop because of all the wonderful reviews.  John cut my husband's hair and trimmed his brows.  He did a great job...   I HIGHLY recommend this barber shop for anyone wanting friendly professional services from someone who obviously truly enjoys his work. 

- Ilana N. (2016)

Usually I go to a franchised hair salon but I needed a beard trim and figured a barber was the way to go.  Looked on Google and saw Thee Barber Shop.  With 50 reviews and 5 stars... That's where I was going!  John is super personable and knows what he's doing.  Easily the BEST hair cut I've ever gotten!  I definitely will be back.  Thanks John!

- Derek (2016)

I drive almost 20 miles from Harrisburg, to get my haircut from Jonn.  He always gives me exactly what I ask for, and does a great job doing it.

- Chris L. (2017)

I've been getting my hair cut by Jonn for about two years now and just don't see me going anywhere else.  Good prices, great atmosphere and a quick, clean haircut are all I need and this shop delivers every time.

- Jay P. (2016)

John is a hell of a barber and a really nice guy.  Only 10 bucks and you get the best cut in Eugene, maybe even Oregon.

- Mychal S. (2016)

There's More Glowing Reviews For Jonn...

John does with hair what an artist does with his medium - makes it look it's best.  I highly recommend anyone in need of a trim to consider Thee Barber Shop.

- Edward L. (2016)

I've lived in Eugene for 7 years and this is the best cut I've had here.

- Greg F. (2016)

Down to earth single chair barbershop takes you back in time almost feels like you're sitting on the front porch with an old friend.

- William H. (2016)

John, thank you for a great haircut and a great experience.  You are Thee Barber for me!  He actually cares how you look and how you want it cut.

- Monte D. (2016)

The attention to detail is unmatched at this barber shop.  Hands down one of the best places to get a haircut in Eugene.  Price is great, John is great, and you can get burritos on your way out.

- Eugene D. (2016)

After going to some of the major chains for years and being unsatisfied, it was a breath of fresh air to get a great haircut on the first trip in...  It reall is "too good to be true" in that you pay a third of the price you are used to and get ten times the service/quality.  Highly recommend you give him a try!

- Ryan W. (2016)

Great barber, great person, and a perfect cut every time.  I moved an hours away and still make the drive for a haircut with John.

- Troy N. (2016)

Very nice shop, Jon takes his time and gives you exactly what you want, I don't feel rushed like at most shops.  Moved to Eugene a few months ago and I'm glad I found a good consistent barber shop.

- Justin L. (2017)

I went into this shop for the first time today.  I was looking online for good haircuts because I wasn't satisfied with the way it was cut last time.  John did a great job of taking his time with my hair and ensuring I was satisfied with the way I looked.  Thank you, you'll be getting my business in the future.

- Austen M. (2016)

This barber was ABSOLUTELY amazing!  Was skeptical at first to see all 5 star reviews but after having my cut, I completely understand why.  Definitely reccommend.  I cannot say good enough things about this shop.  Have had many barbers cut my hair.  But never to the caliber of what he did.  Thank you John.  I will be back.

- Jack (2016)

This place is a great old school barber shop the way it should be.  John is a genuinely great guy who takes pride in his work and treats his customers very well.  I cannot imagine going to get another spot to get my hair cut.

- Pax S. (2016)

Thee Barber Shop is probably the best barber I have ever had...  John is quick and efficient and adds small touches that most barbers that I have had ignored..."

- Randy G. (2016)

Excellent haircut...  Went first time on advice from my Uncle and was very happy with the hair cut...  You will be seeing me again.

- Mike R. (2016)

Best barber shop in Eugene.  John does an excellent job in cutting your hair the way you want it.

- Ben D. (2016)

Awesome place to get a cut.  Been coming here for three yearas and never left disappointed.

- Greg A. (2016)

I am a long time customer of Thee Barber Shop. John does good work, has a comfortable atmosphere and charges little.  I would recommend Thee Barber Shop to anyone.

- Graham P. (2016)

Best haircut in a long time! The barber is an expert and understands my hair better than I do.  I will go here from now on

- Joseph G. (2016)

It's a great atmosphere.  John knows what he's doing and is quite adept at finding out just what the customer wants, though he does give wise advice on how best to achieve the desired look.  Best haircut ever!

- Seteven K. (2016)

This place is awesome...  Best haircut I've ever had...  If you go anywhere else you are an idiot...

- Jerry E. (2016)

Working in Eugene found Thee Barber Shop on Google!  Glad I did!...  Would high recommend to anyone needing a new Barber!

- William C. (2016)

Been coming here every week for four years. Jon is a perfectionist and cuts your hair how you want it.

- Jim K. (2016)

I always enjoy going to the shop...  I can honestly say that I have NEVER had a bad hair cut from this shop.  Keep up the excellent work.

- Richard C. (2016)

If you are looking for a high-quality haircut at an unbelievably low price, go to Thee Barber Shop.  John runs a clean, friendly establishment where you really feel he wants to get your hair done just right.

- Todd H. (2016)

I've been twice and I'm in admiration for John  and what he's doing this his shop.  John strives to give people cuts that fit their bodies and personalities.  He does a great job.  Thanks John.

- Darpan (2016)

Very detail oriented.  Thee only Barber I trust.

- Dakota H. (2016)

Perfect hair cut...

- Jeff S. (2016)

Best place for a man's haricut.  Affordable.  No nonsense.  Maaster level know how.

- Andrew B. (2016)

This place is a gem!...  For the quality of craftsmanship and overall experience, this place is undersold!  I will be returning again when the season arises.  Thank you Jonn!

- Joseph W. (2016)

Jonn did a great job on my hair and beard.  I just moved to the Eugene area and I was on a search to find a great barber.  My mission stops here!  Thanks, John.  We'll see you again!

- Charles W. (2016)

One of the best cuts I've ever had.  Amazing nice guy.  I will be returning for sure!

- Timar S. (2013)

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